Improved SubToMe Widget


Our friend Matthias just pushed an update to the SubToMe wordpress plugin. This update brings a lot of great features for anyone with a blog: install it now.

First, it brings more customization to the button itself: you can easily change its look, as well as configure the text around it. You can now pick between a regular HTML button, or the SubToMe logo.

But most importantly, you can now also include the button in more than just the side bar. Sidebar widgets are great, but they’re also out of the flow. This version introduces the ability to put the button at the bottom of each post.

The benefit if that if the user has appreciated the post they just read, it’s now simple to just hit the button and subscribe using their favorite tool!

You can also add the button on pages, or even on lists of posts like search results, archive or the home page. Finally, and that’s for the most advanced users, the plugins introduces a shortcode to be integrated in completely custom layouts or inside posts themselves!

Install the SubToMe Plugin for WordPress now